Winemaker Chris Condos Photoshoot


Naked Wines

What I did

Photography, Art Direction

I photographed many winemakers and often met them at their winery, winemaking facility, or vineyard. With every shoot, you never know what it will look like and what you may use to create really nice images. We actually went to a couple different locations including his Chardonnay vineyard in Sonoma, California – it was early in the growing season so no grape clusters yet.

Winemaker Chris Condos photography1
Winemaker Chris Condos photography2
Winemaker Chris Condos photography

Photos used across the website and other marketing campaigns

Chris Condos' winemaker page on the Naked Wines website, this image was taken at his winemaking facility in Santa Rosa, California where the wine was aging in barrel.

In the Vineyard

If possible, it is always beneficial to get as many different types of photos as possible – differnt locations, backgrounds, lighting, clothing, facial expressions, etc..

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