Naked Wines $100 Wine Voucher redesign

Naked Wines mail insert


Naked Wines

What I did

Principal Designer, Photography

This is a promotional advertisement that is a mailer included in the ads packaged with a magazine subscription. It’s meant for new customers to sign up and purchase a case of wine for an incredibly low price. It features one of our winemakers on the front and the case promotion on the back, and also illustrates the unique benefits of becoming a member of Naked Wines.The photography is from my own photoshoots with the winemakers.

Naked Wines mail insert back
Naked Wines mail insert front
Alternative looks for voucher redesign

Found in the wild!

It's not always common for me to find some of the actual pieces I worked on out in the world, but this one was delivered right to my house in my Food & Wine subscription!

In my hands

The photography is from my own photoshoots with the winemakers, this is Jacqueline Bahue as well as Franc Dusak holding the voucher.

The new champion voucher design