Email redesign for TravelSmith



What I did


Travelsmith is an ecommerce company and would frequently have promotions for women’s and men’s clothing, luggage, and travel accessories. Promotional emails were sent out about 3-5 times per week. The old design felt dated and busy, so we followed a section-by-section layout that would balance our excellent custom photography and typography, creating a compelling and attention-getting design that is clean, contemporary, and easy to follow.

TravelSmith email 1
TravelSmith email 2

TravelSmith email 3

Email design - Naked Wines


Naked Wines

What I did

Art Direction, Design

After reevaluating our emails, our creative team and I built and designed 50+ interchangeable stacking modules within Figma – these were set as components to be used to create an email for any given product, winemaker, or promotion. These included revised headers and footers, content blocks, featured product blocks, polling options, standardized buttons, and more. A standardized font styles library was also created, and since this was set up in the Cloud with Figma, we could share all components with our global creative team. These emails were also sent out about 3-5 times per week and featured some of my product photography from the studio as well as winemaker photoshoots.

Naked Wines Daryl Groom Cabernet
Naked Wines rose email