Naked Wines $100 Wine Voucher redesign

Naked Wines Gift Card Voucher


Naked Wines

What I did

Art Direction, Design

This is a redesign of Naked Wines $100 wine voucher which is a one of the main marketing materials for reaching new customers. For a long time, the blue version with the bottles and gift bow was the highest performing card design - the "champion". However, we wanted a new, elevated, clean and contemporary look that connected with consumers. We tested the "Black Card" voucher and it outperformed the old champion blue as well as other designs. A black hangtag version was also created.

Old champion Naked Wines hangtag voucher
Redesign Naked Wines hangtag voucher
Alternative looks for voucher redesign

Alternative Looks

Other possibilities using photos of the wine and social scenes were also tested – but utlimately these did not have the impact or results of the clean, more elevated look of the black card.

The winner

One of the earlier versions of the black voucher card, the silver foil of the "$100 Wine Voucher" is visible with a smooth, satin feel.

The new champion voucher design